The Operating Risk Assessment usually covers the remainder of the GTC suggested format for Risk Assessments. The topics include:


Part 3 – The COSHH Regulations - this Part should consist of an up to date inventory of all hazardous products and substances used by employees; a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for each item on the inventory together with a risk assessment.

Part 4 – Risk Assessments under the Manual Handling Operations Regulations. The emphasis in these regulations is to avoid the need to carry out unnecessary manual handling by good workplace design and the use of mechanical equipment.

Part 5 – Risk Assessments for noise and vibration. This Part should include data from manufacturers, local monitoring and guidance by HSE and others. This Part will also need to contain, or refer elsewhere, to a system for recording and monitoring exposure.

Part 6 – Risk Assessments carried out under the First Aid at Work Regulations and Code of Practice.

Part 7 – Risk Assessments carried out under the Work at Height Regulations.


Operating Risk Assessments are often split into golf courses, clubhouse, maintenance facilities or where appropriate, other facilities on or around the course.


Work to ameliorate risk is identified in the following categories:

  • requiring immediate attention,

  • work to be completed in the short term

  • that can be carried out in the future.


Please note: The full Risk Assessment includes both Design Risks and Operating Risks.