Expert and Expert Witness services vary enormously in their scope but some examples include:


Vale Royal Golf Club:                  Accident report               

Selsdon Park :                              Report on condition of golf course in action to recover cost of rebuilding greens

Teffont Chase :                            Report for Receivers on state of course in action by Contractor to recover outstanding monies

Cottingham Park :                        Report for owner on action against National Grid to recover compensation for HV lines               

Sunbury :                                      Report for Receiver unable to sell site because of contaminated land

Trethorne Golf Driving Range :  Enforcement by H&S Executive after accident (loss of eye)

Seckford :                                     Enforcement for unsafe range by H & S Executive

Wilde Sapt Solicitors :                 Accident proof of Evidence

Dewstow Golf Club :                    Accident proof of Evidence

Marland Golf Club :                     Proof for Local Authority ad Defendant on unsafe course design

Heaton Park Driving Range :      Safety assessment for LA prior to action to recover costs for negligent design

Ladybarn House School :           Report on safety of golf school after claim for damages by pupil

Royal Jersey Golf Club :             On course accident

Wilton Golf Driving Range :        Accident Report

Riverside Golf Club :                   Accident Report

Sunbury :                                      Balls exiting Golf Course

Sandmoor Golf Club:                   Accident Report

John James Jeffrey :                   Proof of evidence in accident on Course

Mark Reynolds :                           Proof of Evidence for accident on range

Paris & Co.:                                  Statement for accident on Sports Grounds

Seckford Golf Club :                    Defence against unsafe course

Barrow in Furness Golf Club :    Accident Report

Potters Bar Golf Club :                Accident in practice nets  

Santa Maria Golf Club, Spain :   Balls entering property

Bransford Golf Club :                  Accident on tees

The Hertfordshire Golf Club :     Balls entering property

Northop Country Park :               Balls entering property (1)

Northop Country Park :               Balls entering property (2)

Colin Glen Driving Range, NI :   Balls exiting range and design of range building

Duxbury :                                      Property damaged by golf balls

Perranporth :                                Accident Report

Notleys Golf Club :                      Loss of eye


The normal format for Expert Witness advice includes:


  • consideration of the circumstances from documentation

  • site visit

  • preparation of draft report

  • preparation of final report with all necessary site and background information


Two copies of the final report are provided together with electronic copies within the basic report cost.


The report will normally include safety cage overlays over the site plan together with an analysis of the safety of the golf shot. The cost also includes survey work where necessary.


Where required, a joint statement can be prepared where two experts are required by the Court to prepare such a document.


Expert opinion can also be provided on any issues within the skills available, not only when a court case is involved but also for example in the preparation of Risk Assessments.