The Design Risk Assessment covers in detail the requirements of Part 1 of the recommended format:


The golf club Statement of Safety Policy and the specific arrangements for managing Health and Safety, including the structure showing the health and safety roles and responsibilities.


General Risk Assessments are usually required for the maintenance yard, buildings, work equipment and golf course including a specific hole by hole assessment. An assessment of the risks for those hazards that are unique to the workplace and not covered by other specific regulations is required e.g. slopes on their own but also near hazards such as ditches, bunkers, lakes, highway crossings, footpaths, golf ball hazards, crossing holes etc.


Cart path routing and layout in relation for instance, to streams and rivers, may also be an issue on some courses.


There are of course hazards that may be covered by another more specific regulation. These will be cross referenced within the Design Risk Assessment.


The Risk Assessment requires a detailed site visit and an examination of the design and maintenance regime of the course. Such an assessment requires a wide skill base and usually an enormous amount of experience.


The report will identify work which needs immediate attention, work that is needed in the short term and items which can be carried out further into the future. Budget costs can also be provided if required.